Our Motorcycles

To date, we have 8 motorcycles at your disposal and have planned to add others in the upcoming months. We have selected robust and mechanically simple machines. We have chosen the route of acquiring these beasts in order to control their quality while proposing very affordable prices. We pride ourselves in a complete transparency policy whether you might be renting or going on one of our tours. This is not the observed trend should bikes be rented from another party.

Also, before any departure and throughout the year, each motorbike goes through strict maintenance procedures which include at least 30 check points for your safety and ease of mind.

Regardless of all of the above said, should you wish to ride a specific make and/or model, we can (and usually only for mid to long tours within South African borders) help you in finding a motorcycle rental that will meet your wishes.

To date, our motorcycle fleet includes the following makes and models:

Honda XR650L

Its mono cylinder engine of 650cc is simple and robust. Its very stable and high frame make it an ideal machine for technical terrains. Most notably, it’s a war horse in sand while remaining comfortable enough to ride on standard roads. Also ideal for taller riders. Olivier’s favourite.

Kawasaki KLR 650

Solid, polyvalent and mechanically simple are the key words to describe this mythical motorcycle. It can go anywhere and can attack any type of terrain off the beaten track. It is not the prettiest bike per say but its endurance makes it an ideal ride that won’t let you down whether you’re crossing a river or going up a mountain pass. Sylvain used this make and model to do his Africa crossing.

Our support vehicles

With specific support vehicles – 2 that we own and 2 that we rent from trusted partners – we are ready to address all types of situation whether it be in the context of our rentals (should you need for us to pick you up wherever you might be and regardless of the reason) or in the context of our tours in order to transport gear, tools and spares without forgetting one or two accompanying non-riding participants who may have joined us.

1 pick up Toyota HiLux

1 Toyota RAV4

1 Toyota Land Cruiser

1 Mercedes Mini-bus


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Do you propose motorcycle rentals ?

Yes and depending on the available stock as we use our own bikes for our tours. We invite you to book well in advance.

Which motorbikes are available for rentals and for your tours ?

To date, we have 8 motorcycles spread across the following makes and models: Honda XR650L, Kawasaki KLR 650, Honda Transalp 650 and Suzuki DR650. They are very robust and reliable. We pamper them all year round for your safety, comfort and peace of mind. We will be adding to our inventory as our activity expands.

Also and only applicable for our mid and long tours that do not entail any border crossing and in case you might be a “believer” in another make and model, we can assist you in getting a rental. An exception has been made regarding the border crossing dimension for the “Cherry on the Cake” Tour.

What can I do if I don’t have a motorcycle riding licence ?

Don’t worry. You’re welcome to travel in our support vehicle. A specific fee will be applicable. This is a great way for your friends and family to take part in the adventure. 1 to 2 persons per tour.

What riding equipment do I need ?

We advise that you bring your own equipment for your journey. As needed, we can rent it to you or indicate specialized stores where you might get it before departure.

The necessary riding equipment– helmet, bottes, jacket (ideally with removable sleeves), pants (ideally motorcycle ones), gloves (2 pairs recommended) are amongst the fundamentals. Given that these are usually for a very personal use, it is recommended to bring your own. You can however rent or we’ll help you find what you need.

Luggage wise – the golden rule is to reduce by half what you were initially planning to take with you. It might be a little hard but frankly you don’t need 15 T-shirts, etc.

The little extras that make sense are: a good headlamp, riding socks, or at least sports or hiking ones, sunglasses, solar cream, liquid soap, baby powder for your boots and gloves, and obviously a mean to take photos.

It is also interesting to get upon your arrival in South Africa or in neighbouring a local pre-paid SIM card in order to avoid possibly costly roaming charges.

Can I modify / cancel a tour or a rental booking ?

As much as we can, we will bend over backwards in order to meet your expectations should you wish to add more days, more activities or even modify the route, etc. This may lead to extra costs that will be clearly outlined and validated by you.

You can cancel a tour or a rental. Cancellation fees will apply (see terms & conditions section)