Unforgettable adventures off the beaten track

Our series of tours offer a variety of destinations and duration as well as sexy combos, each adaptable to your requirements – giving you the best tour according to your time, your budget and your level of riding.

All of our tours are extendable and are designed to incorporate your wants – within reason – whether you might wish for more cultural stops, more off-road, more of a specific activity such as (fishing, horse riding, hikes, animal tracking, beach, etc.). South Africa is an immense playground and possibilities proposed will cater to every need. Neighbouring countries will also offer their fair share of adrenaline and potential extra activities are also plenty.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

When should I plan my adventure?

We organize tours and you can rent our motorcycles all year round as South Africa’s weather does not present major hurdles regardless of the season. South Africa is situated in the Southern hemisphere. Its seasons are the opposite of the Northern hemisphere. Therefore, it’s winter in July and summer over Christmas. In winter, temperatures in certain areas can drop to 0°C at night and temperatures during the day should be between 15°C à 26°C often with a bright sunny day.

One of South Africa’s major highlights – which is more than twice the size of France – resides in its great divertisty of scenery and ecosystems.

Why come to South Africa and to this part of Africa?

In addition to South Africa’s great diversity of scenery and ecosystems, it has a rich and hectic history that contribute to making its culture so unique. Food is very varied and of excellent quality most notably the meats, the fruits and vegetables as well as seafood mostly in the Western Cape. South Africa also has a strong wine culture even if beer remains one of the alcoholic drinks of choice.

As a rider, one can find a variety of terrain in order to take full advantage of the proposed terrain and test your riding skills. Also, the activities spectrum is limitless in order to make your travel even more rewarding.

Neighboring countries also offer their fair share of scenery, great diversity and welcoming population. As in South Africa, the road is an invitation to multiple surprises and interesting encounters.

Whatever our choice of country to visit in the region, your experience will be unforgettable.

What can I do if I don’t have a motorcycle riding licence?

Don’t worry. You’re welcome to travel in our support vehicle. A specific fee will be applicable. This is a great way for your friends and family to take part in the adventure. 1 to 2 persons per tour.

Upon arrival at the Johannesburg airport, what is the plan?

For our tours, one of our guides will pick you up at the Johannesburg airport (or at any other airport in the Gauteng province) and will take you to the booked hotel or guesthouse.

For rentals, we can organize your transfer either from the Johannesburg airports to your hotel or directly to our premises for a flat fee of 30€ (600R).

If you are already in South Africa and wherever you might be within a 30km radius of Sandton – we can pick you up for the same flat fee as above.

Can I modify / cancel a tour or a rental booking?

As much as we can, we will bend over backwards in order to meet your expectations should you wish to add more days, more activities or even modify the route, etc. This may lead to extra costs that will be clearly outlined and validated by you.

You can cancel a tour or a rental. Cancellation fees will apply (see terms & conditions section)