Unforgettable adventures off the beaten track

Our series of tours offer a variety of destinations and duration as well as sexy combos, each adaptable to your requirements – giving you the best tour according to your time, your budget and your level of riding.

All of our tours are extendable and are designed to incorporate your wants – within reason – whether you might wish for more cultural stops, more off-road, more of a specific activity such as (fishing, horse riding, hikes, animal tracking, beach, etc.). South Africa is an immense playground and possibilities proposed will cater to every need. Neighbouring countries will also offer their fair share of adrenaline and potential extra activities are also plenty.

Short get aways – from 1 to 3+ days

A solid series of short get aways ranging from 1-3 days, These tours are designed for adventurers who have little time whatever the reason might be but who have a firm wish to live a mini adventure in the African bush. Departing from Johannesburg, you can expect 200 to 500 km total riding distance of an adventure to suit your style.

Choose your style:

We split these short tours into 2 perfectly modular categories in order to offer you an outing that will be perfectly suited to your wishes, whether it be for the smooth tar roads or rugged dirt roads of the African bush:

Trail experience: The objective here is mostly to ride off-road (more or less difficult terrain) and/or to go to a 4×4 park in order to put your riding to the test. All in an enchanting setting and within a 100km from Johannesburg. Specific activities can be added. Mostly geared towards more experienced riders.

Bush Discovery: The emphasis here is put on discovering specific destinations at your rythm – off-road optional and with potential activities such as visiting a game or nature reserve or other activities that will be discussed and validated with you. The challenge level here is moderate in order to give you the opportunity to enjoy nature.

Choose your destination:

Once we know your style we will be able to see at lightning speed what it is that you’re looking for and put together the best couple of days for you. Our destinations for these tours are based on your available time and your level of experience:

Short Get aways – duration: 1 to 2 days

Magaliesberg Run

Destination: Hartbeespoort Dam

We ride towards Brits and Hartbeespoort dam – less off-road and more cultural stop opportunities such as an animal sanctuary / rehabilitation center, cable car above Hartbeesport, or even a Canopy Tour and as an option ride in a 4×4 park or take part in other activities such as archery, horseback riding, paintball, etc. Should you opt to spend a night, we will select a lodge or a farm. Should you only have a day, it will be a superb ride following the curves between mountain and African bush.

Cullinan Feast

Destination: North Pretoria

This tour takes us to the North of Pretoria: off-road and natural reserves await. With game drive opportunities and the possibility of riding hectares of 4×4 tracks. A coffee or a lunch in Cullinan is a real treat and a good way to discover this city. Should you wish to spend the night – this will entail an evening around a fire while admiring the African sky and enjoying a nice barbecue (braai) so dear to South Africans. You can also opt for a horseback safari in the surrounding area. An unforgettable week-end experience.

Bela Bela Bush

Destination: Bela Bela

We take you further into the bush where off-roading meets game reserves. You will get to experience the endless sky and bush of the Limpopo province and it will make you want more of everything. This tour only becomes worthwhile if you have the time to spend at least one night there because of the distances and the range of potential riding and activities.

Crater and River

Destination: Parys & Vredefort

We head out to Parys and Vredefort in the South West of Ouest de Johannesburg – off-road and/or on standard roads. This is an enchanting little trip that takes us to a very interesting site: a meteorite crashed in the area and is actually one of the biggest craters of its kind in the world. Today, you don’t really notice the crater but the scenery, river and roads are superb. There are also clear opportunities here to spice up your tour with game drives, horseback riding and even canoeing.

Blitz tours – duration: 3 to 5 days

Blitz Waterberg

Destination: Bela Bela and Thabazimbi
Rider level: All rider levels

We discover an exciting part of the Limpopo province: sparkling bush and infinite sky between Bela Bela and Thabazimbi. Mountains meet bush in this area as well. And why not spend a night or 2 in a game reserve which could include some animal tracking? The plan entails off-road opportunities, evenings around a camp fire, and animals galore. This region is an absolutely delightful African bush experience.

Blitz Misty Mountains

Destination: Polokwane and Tzaneen

We head towards the East of South Africa (Polokwane and Tzaneen – well after Bela-Bela.) Here, we are between bush and forest mountains in an extraordinary playground where off-roading is a must, waterfalls are waiting with open arms, the forest is everywhere and activities are plenty. We will discover Magoebaskloof – a beautiful subtropical garden and completely off the beaten track. We will pass through a brewery and/or a cheese farm where they make probably some of the best cheeses in the country. Here, we are not far away from the Kruger Park as well as other reserves. We can definitely plan for a night in a reserve and track wild animals. We can also simply enjoy being where we are and ride on these paths that smell of African bush.

Blitz Drakensberg

Destination: Clarens
Rider level: All rider levels

We ride towards Lesotho on some of the most scenic and windy routes in South Africa within the area of Clarens (superb village with an artistic soul) with plenty of activities: hiking, horseback riding, etc. In essence, not a lot of off-roading but there’s always a way to quench the thirst for some extra riding excitement. You will be at the foot of the majestic Maloti mountains and Lesotho. Endless views, beautiful nature. A ride through the Golden Gate Highlands National Park and ride along the Sterkfontein Dam is not to be missed.

Blitz Midlands

Destination: Natal Midlands
Rider level: More experienced riders

We go further South than the Drakensberg where mountains might be a bit higher down there. We will also explore panoramic routes of the Drakensberg and pass through Notthingham Road. Here, off-roading is almost a must when you get close to the Giants Castle “territory”.

Blitz Mpumalanga

Destination: Blyde River Canyon
Rider level: All rider levels

This tour is a favourite of ours. It takes us to the Blyde River Canyon with its unforgettable views. You will be very close to the Kruger Park and going through Graskop and Pilgrim’s Rest. Half a day in the Kruger Park is possible but might feel a bit too fast for some. This tour entails a lot of kilometers so it’s destined for those riders who wish to discover this magical area; its long and amazing windy roads, are not afraid to go the extra mile and are not particularly looking to do any off-roading.

Blitz KwaZulu Natal

Destination: Durban
Rider level: All rider levels

The objective here is to see the ocean and get a taste of the Dolphin Coast: discovering the rolling hills of KwaZulu Natal, lazing on a beach, fishing, surfing, etc. Not a lot of off-roading and a lot of kilometers to travel – more than 1400km in what could be deemed as a very short time by some. The riding rhythm is intense but it’s really worth the effort if you want to see one of the best coastal area in South Africa and discover the KwaZulu Natal back country. You will also get a taste of the area’s tropical climate.

Mid Tours – from 7 to 9+ days

Geared to push your adventure further while discovering superb areas of South Africa at a more or less intense rhythm. We will ride around 2000km which brings us to a general daily average of less than 300 kilometres.

Choose your destination:

Kruger yeah

Destination: Kruger National Park
Rider level: All rider levels

We head over to the province of Mpumalanga and the Kruger Park in one single tour. This is a best-seller which includes 1 to 2 nights inside the Kruger Park. Motorcycles are not allowed in the Kruger so we park our rides and make use of our support vehicle during our stay in the Kruger. The long and bendy roads of Mpumalanga are extraordinary between the Blyde River Canyon, Graskop and Sabie. Discoveries and extra activities are plenty and cater to all tastes – the Moholoholo rehabilitation center, hiking in the bush, a visit of Pilgrim’s Rest, a visit to a working crocodile farm, rafting, etc. This region has an incredible fun potential and will blow you away.

“Drak Express”

Destination: Drakensberg
Rider level: More experienced riders

We ride down the beautiful Drakensberg area from North to South and will include for those who wish it a climb to the mythic Sani Pass. Here we combine Blitz Drakensberg and Blitz Midlands for an unforgettable time in the clouds. We have time to enjoy some off-roading, long windy roads in a magnificent environment where one feels alone on earth.

Sky Kingdom

Destination: Lesotho
Rider level: Experienced Riders

We discover the small country of Lesotho also known as the “kingdom in the sky”, with all its magical culture that seems stuck in another time. It’s an incredible playground with amazing scenery and views that will take you up to 3000m above sea level. Its people seem to have a permanent smile on their faces. Here – in short, we go around the country and are exposed to all its elements : windy roads, off-roading, rocks, rivers and often cold. This tour is only between November and March due to the weather.

Tugela Falls to Mouth

Destination: Tugela
Rider level: All rider levels

This tour combines mountain and sea. Some hiking is possible should one wish (to the Tugela Falls) in the motorcycle friendly Royal Natal Park. We then start heading down towards the mouth of the river also called Tugela. We’re effectively going down stream towards the ocean. On the way, we will be able to do our own motorcycle safari in a beautiful private game reserve with views that will blow your mind. We then arrive on the Dolphin Coast which is as beautiful as it is wild.

Zulu warrior

Destination: KwaZulu Natal
Rider level: More experienced riders

We discover the back country of the province of KwaZulu Natal as well as its majestic and wild Northern coast to Saint Lucia. We will go through Pongola. This tour is mostly geared towards lovers of the sea, beach and bush. Depending on the time of year and in case you want to experience diving, we head towards Sodwana Bay also to see the turtles. Proximity means sand so there will be plenty of opportunities to test out sand riding.

Where is the queen?

Destination: Victoria Falls
Rider level: All rider levels

We head North with our prime objective being Victoria Falls – on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. It will take us at least 2 days to go up and 2 days back. We ride though the Eastern part of Botswana on the way up where you will have plenty of opportunities to see animals such as elephants and hippos whether it be at breakfast or on the road. The return will take place through Zimbabwe provided political conditions are safe or through Botswana. Should you have more time – we can definitely plan for a 4×4 trip to the majestic national park of Chobe, a helicopter flight over the Falls and/or a bungee jump or rafting on the rapids of the Zambezi river. Or to simply enjoy an Afternoon Tea at the famous Vic Falls hotel.

Long Tours – from 12 to 20+ days

It’s intense, it’s beautiful, it’ a complete African immersion with a variety of destinations, routes, off the beaten track locations and activities. The total distance of these tours is usually more than 4000km. These longer tours enable you to immerse yourself in the thrill of discovery and will take you far from home and daily hassles. It’s like getting a shot of pure freedom.

Choose your destination:

Desert Child

Destination: Namibia
Rider level: All rider levels

Ah, Namibia ! We have a weakness for this absolutely unique and magical destination with a population density among the lowest in the world. Its nature is truly stunning with desert and semi desert sceneries that will leave you breathless. You will see and ride on the edges of one of the biggest canyons in the world, dunes that are the envy of the world, one of the most amazing game reserves in Africa : Etosha, the Kaokoland in the North with its impressive tribes and bare nature. This destination is a treat all year round. Your endurance and riding skills will definitely be tested throughout this adventure.

The Merry Go Round

Destination: Lesotho
Rider level: Experienced riders

This tour is a real gem and clearly a favourite. Here, we go around Lesotho on the South African side – with a potential of 2 incursions into Lesotho – in the West and at Sani Pass in order to have a brief but sweet insight into this little “kingdom in the sky”. The plan includes: mountains, plains, forests and ocean over at Port Saint John. All in all, we will cross 4 provinces – Free State, KwaZulu Natal and Eastern Cape – before heading back to the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg in Gauteng.

Gran Classico

Destination: Cape Town
Rider level: All rider levels

We will ride from Johannesburg to Cape Town through the Karoo and the Garden Route. This tour is sort of a classic itinerary in South Africa that will take you through desert area and a variety of passes to the sea before you arrive in the Cape region. We are not exactly off the beaten tracks here especially when the Garden Route is concerned with its legendary route 62 that takes you to the Swartberg. But with that said, it’s popular for a reason: it’s beautiful.

Combo inferno

Rider level: All rider levels

We combine at least 2 mid tours obviously while adapting the combo to the number of days available and to the experience of the riders. More bush, more mountain, and/or more sea. With the desired terrain. And with the activities that you may want to opt for.

Beira Magic

Destination: Mozambique
Rider level: Strictly for experienced Riders

This tour takes us to Mozambique as our primary destination. It was once a colony of Portugal which has a very laid back culture and an extraordinary cuisine. Mozambique is a very long and narrow country with a length of more than 3000 km and rich in diversity. You will discover a little travelled region that is clearly off the beaten track. Should you want more, we can add a 5 day detour to the Victoria Falls. That is if you want to go even further with your adventure…

The “Cherry on the Cake”: Zanzibar 2021

Duration: 4+ weeks
Rider level: More experienced riders

Your first question might be: where is Zanzibar ? It’s in Tanzania – an incredibly beautiful island with beaches with sand so fine it looks like flour and an enormously rich history. We will leave from Johannesburg and will do a loop that will lead us to Zanzibar through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania on the way there. For the return, we will start heading South through Mozambique (this might be modified depending on the security situation in the Northern part of this country at the time) and Zimbabwe. The tour will be over at least 4 weeks in order to take advantage fully of this experience and not rush it. Details will be ironed out as we get your feedbacks, questions and confirmations. The expected date of departure is the 4th of July 2021 with a maximum of 10 riders that will leave either on our motorcycles, theirs, rentals, or their owns motorcycles. Regarding your level of riding, this tour is mostly geared towards the more experienced and reasonably fit riders.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

When should I plan my adventure?

We organize tours and you can rent our motorcycles all year round as South Africa’s weather does not present major hurdles regardless of the season. South Africa is situated in the Southern hemisphere. Its seasons are the opposite of the Northern hemisphere. Therefore, it’s winter in July and summer over Christmas. In winter, temperatures in certain areas can drop to 0°C at night and temperatures during the day should be between 15°C à 26°C often with a bright sunny day.

One of South Africa’s major highlights – which is more than twice the size of France – resides in its great divertisty of scenery and ecosystems.

Why come to South Africa and to this part of Africa?

In addition to South Africa’s great diversity of scenery and ecosystems, it has a rich and hectic history that contribute to making its culture so unique. Food is very varied and of excellent quality most notably the meats, the fruits and vegetables as well as seafood mostly in the Western Cape. South Africa also has a strong wine culture even if beer remains one of the alcoholic drinks of choice.

As a rider, one can find a variety of terrain in order to take full advantage of the proposed terrain and test your riding skills. Also, the activities spectrum is limitless in order to make your travel even more rewarding.

Neighboring countries also offer their fair share of scenery, great diversity and welcoming population. As in South Africa, the road is an invitation to multiple surprises and interesting encounters.

Whatever our choice of country to visit in the region, your experience will be unforgettable.

What can I do if I don’t have a motorcycle riding licence?

Don’t worry. You’re welcome to travel in our support vehicle. A specific fee will be applicable. This is a great way for your friends and family to take part in the adventure. 1 to 2 persons per tour.

Upon arrival at the Johannesburg airport, what is the plan?

For our tours, one of our guides will pick you up at the Johannesburg airport (or at any other airport in the Gauteng province) and will take you to the booked hotel or guesthouse.

For rentals, we can organize your transfer either from the Johannesburg airports to your hotel or directly to our premises for a flat fee of 30€ (600R).

If you are already in South Africa and wherever you might be within a 30km radius of Sandton – we can pick you up for the same flat fee as above.

Can I modify / cancel a tour or a rental booking?

As much as we can, we will bend over backwards in order to meet your expectations should you wish to add more days, more activities or even modify the route, etc. This may lead to extra costs that will be clearly outlined and validated by you.

You can cancel a tour or a rental. Cancellation fees will apply (see terms & conditions section)