Motorcycle Rentals & Self Guided

All our motorcycles are available for rental. You can therefore leave alone or with other riders to explore South Africa and the sub-region except Mozambique and Zimbabwe. For your comfort and safety, we highly recommend that you plan to travel with at least 2 riders minimum but of course this is entirely your decision. Minimum rental duration is 2 days. Price is based on a decreasing scale after 7 days. We rent or will indicate where you can buy any extra gear that you might need such as helmets, boots, etc. as saddle bags, GPS, etc. All in all, we can source or help you find any gear needed for your adventure.

We also sell local maps. At the very least and at no cost, we’re happy to give you indications in order to help you plan your own trip. We can also assist you, for a fee, to create your own itinerary and book accommodation on your behalf in order to put together your trip.

For your peace of mind, we also put at your disposal an optional spare parts and tools package which includes inner tubes for both tyres, a chain and a basic tools kit for a fee of 50€ (1,000R) regardless of the duration of your trip. We also carry and sell motorcycle oil, grease, chain lube, etc. that may be difficult to find depending on the routes you will have chosen.

Should you have any problems during your trip and need assistance, we have a series of professionals’ contacts throughout South Africa.

In the case of an emergency, we will deploy one of our vehicles in order to come and pick you up in the briefest of delays. This service is priced at a single flat fee of 250€ (4,900R) in South Africa and 500€ (9,800R) outside South Africa. The price of this service barely covers our cost so the aim here is not to make an extra buck but rather to make sure that we can assist in case of an emergency with your safety in mind. At the time of departure, we will also indicate an emergency number that you may call at any time day or night.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can you book my flight ticket ?

We do not sell plane tickets. Every rider must take care of this on his/her end either directly with an airline or a travel agency. We can however give you some advice in order to help you with your flight arrangements.

It is highly recommended to be on site at least one day prior to your planned departure at least for our mid to long tours in order to meet up with the other riders, the guides, to prepare / check your riding equipments, etc.

Which documents do I need in order to travel to South Africa and other neighbouring countries?

Passport : you will need a valid passport with at a minimum of 3 months of remaining validity upon your return and you will need to have a minimum of 2 empty pages in your passport.

International Driver’s licence : it is not absolutely mandatory to have one but regardless, we advise that you obtain one prior to departure should you not be holding a South African driver’s licence.

Visas : For South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya – you should be able to get your visa upon arrival in the relevant country. We invite you to check current regulations well before your departure date. For Mozambique, you will most likely have to address consular formalities from your country of origin.

Yellow Fever certificate: Should you cross a border from South Africa and have recently travelled in another or multiple African countries, you will need to arrange for a yellow fever vaccine upon which you will receive a yellow fever certificate.

What do I need to know regarding health issues?

Malaria: In South Africa, risks are limited in most regions but exist in the Provinces of Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Kwazulu Natal. Should you be travelling to these destinations, you may choose to procure the adequate malaria preventative treatment. In neighbouring countries, malaria risks are higher and it is highly recommended that you opt to procure the adequate malaria preventative treatment.

Yellow Fever: Should you cross a border from South Africa and have recently travelled in another or multiple African countries, you will need to arrange for a yellow fever vaccine upon which you will receive a yellow fever certificate.

Other diseases or viruses: we invite you to contact your in-country medical professional in order to find out what the current travel / medical recommendations are as well as obtain potential guidance and extra vaccines that you may need.

Intestine troubles: It is not impossible that you may experience a certain level of intestinal issues. It is advised to bring relevant medication as a preventative measure.

Water: Bottled water is readily available. Tap water, especially in South Africa, is of very acceptable quality. With that said, if you do need to drink tap water, in some areas it is recommended to boil it first or use disinfectant tablets.
Hospitals :.Hospitals & clinics are present mostly in the more urban areas. There are also small medical centers in the more rural areas.

Do I need to get a personal insurance?

This is entirely your decision to make. If you feel more comfortable with one, you should be able to obtain a travel and/or personal insurance – whether it be private or other - in your country of origin. Prices and inclusions vary.

What type of tours do you propose?

We have created multiple tour formats in order to offer our riders a maximum of flexibility :

Short Get Aways: 1 to 3+ days

Mid Tours: 7 to 9+ days

Long Tours : 12 to 20+ days

The "Cherry on the Cake” Tour: 4+ weeks

We propose tailored tours and each indicated format is adapted to your wants and time. It’s one of the great value add of Qunu Riders – we bend over backwards in order to make your adventure a truly unforgettable experience. Let’s discuss and validate the tour that will best suit you.