The adventure of a lifetime

Qunu Riders gives you the freedom of escaping off the beaten track with one-of-a-kind motorcycle tours departing from South Africa and France. Motorcycle rentals are also available.

What is Qunu Riders all about?

Qunu riders offers you a unique opportunity to explore the epic beauty of Africa from the seat of a motorcycle. We organise a variety of unforgettable, tailormade long and short motorcycle tours for groups of 2 to 6 riders at highly affordable prices.

We bend over backwards to give you the adventure of your dream – full of exploration, discovery and the freedom of the open road. All with the security of a Qunu Rider support vehicle and planned according to your time, your budget and your level of riding.

All of our tours are extendable and are designed to incorporate your wants, whether you want more cultural stops along the way, more off-roading or more of a specific activity such as fishing, horse riding, hiking, animal tracking or some time on a beach. South Africa is an immense, adrenalin-filled playground and offers possibilities that cater to every need.

Ride to make a difference: “10 for 1”

While enjoying this amazing country, we wanted to find a way to help the South African community along the way.

We have developed a programme called “10 for 1”, in order to assist motivated mechanics in rural areas with developing their business by:

  • Donating tools
  • Consulting on multiple topics such as business plan, marketing, etc.
  • Sharing their experience and ours
  • Introducing motorcycle mechanical training

We want to help them recruit motivated individuals in their community in order to teach them a new skill, give them a job and contributing to building a love of motorcycles.

Once trained they will be included on our list of trusted professionals in South Africa and will therefore be able to assist you in their respective areas.

Every person who rides with Qunu Riders is also a part of this initiative:

For every 10km that you ride on our tours, we will put R1 towards this project. Together, rand by rand, kilometer by kilometer we hope to contribute  to the development of South Africa’s rural communities.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Do you propose motorcycle rentals?

Yes and depending on the available stock as we use our own bikes for our tours. We invite you to book well in advance.

Which motorbikes are available for rentals and for your tours?

To date, we have 8 motorcycles spread across the following makes and models: Honda XR650L, Kawasaki KLR 650, Honda Transalp 650 and Suzuki DR650. They are very robust and reliable. We pamper them all year round for your safety, comfort and peace of mind. We will be adding to our inventory as our activity expands.

Also and only applicable for our mid and long tours that do not entail any border crossing and in case you might be a “believer” in another make and model, we can assist you in getting a rental. An exception has been made regarding the border crossing dimension for the “Cherry on the Cake” Tour.

What driver’s licence do I need? Is an international driver’s licence required?

You need a valid motorcycle riding licence from your country of origin

You do not need an international driver’s licence but it is highly recommended that you do have one issued before your travel.

In order to rent or go on our tours , you also need to meet the following 3 conditions: have obtained your motorcycle riding license at least 5 years ago, be more than 25 years old and have a minimum of riding experience.

How much time in advance must I plan to book my rental or my tour?

Rentals and tours bookings are open all year round. The more you plan ahead, the more you will be guaranteed that we meet your expectations. Generally speaking, we invite you to contact us at least 3 months before the start of your adventure except for our short tours. We operate on the basis of first come, first served.

What happens if I need to cancel my adventure ?

A tour or rental cancellation must be done via email – the date of the email being the reference date for the pro-rata calculation of reimbursements. A cancellation fee will apply. See our terms and conditions section for further details.